CFA-635 in Debian GNU/Linux


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Hi, I finally bought my CFA-635 for my new case. (though not yet tried blowing up the SCAB yet, since I have no fan extender cables..)

However, I can't seem to find a fully-featured driver for Linux that will allow me to control all elements of the 635 including the SCAB and buttons.
I have looked at LCDProc and LCD4Linux but they don't seem to be able to do anyting with the SCAB or the panel buttons.. :(

Is there any official driver for Linux? Or a third-party program that will do the job?

Or if worst comes to worst, then a spec for controlling the SCAB etc, so that I might be able to hack something using the test program as a skeleton.

Any help would be much appreciated.

~ Jim
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I've got one in development for the 635, including LED control, keypad monitoring and SCAB control.

Alpha code for reference only at this stage will be posted in these forums this weekend.



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Nice. :)
If you need any help, I may possibly be able to help you hack it. I know a little C/C++, so as long as it isn't too obfuscated I should be able to understand it.

I can certainly help test it anyway. =P