CFA-635 and CC2 not talking!


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Installed drivers, display shows boot screen AOK, installed CC2 (Ver 25/03/2006) - no action!
Uninstalled everything, tried again - diagnosis shows Device drivers as per instructions. No phantom drivers...
Strange! Uninstall again. Install drivers. Run Wintest. Display responds AOK. Install CC2. Still no go. Boot screen displays fine- CC2 - no response...
Now at a complete loss.
Attached are zipped log files.
Would really appreciate your help....
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CF Mark

The logs show you have the baud speed set at 9600.
The default speed for the 635 is 115200, so change that and it should then work.


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Many Thanks! Well called! Works a treat!
This was the first time I've used a forum..

The 635 looks terrific in my clear case.

Happy little Techwriter!!