CFA-634 shows bad symbols with wintest


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Hi all,

I just got an "old" CFA-624 V2.0 and plugged it into my laptop to test it´s function.

When the display starts it shows the logo correctly. But when I try to send something with wintest software, only bad symbols occure on the display.
It looks like the baudrate is wrong...

I tried all four possible baudrates by using the display switches and configure the software the same way.

I also tried 2 different laptops, one with Win7 and an older one with Win98.

My Jumper Settings are:
JPA open
JPB closed
JPC open
JPD open
JPE open
JPK closed

Thanks for your help!
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CF Support2

The issue is JPB inverts the RS-232 signal. What your computer is sending and what the module is expecting are flipped.

You'll need to open JPB - using a soldering iron / wick.

JPK disables the splash, or boot screen. It does not effect communication.