CFA-634 Scroll up and down commands?


New member
I'm trying to display a long list of menu items on a (4 row) CFA634 display and need to be able to scroll up and down. I'm using a microcontroller and communicating by SPI.

When navigating down the list, I can make the text scroll up the display by placing the cursor at the lower right position (19,3), sending a line feed (\010), and filling in the now empty line at the bottom of the screen.

Is there an equally simple strategy that will scroll the display contents downward when I navigate up the list? I have tried placing the cursor at (0,0) and sending CR (\013) and LF (\010) with various combinations of scroll(on/off) and wrap(on/off), but no luck. Is there a better strategy than having the micro rewrite all 4 lines of the display every time I navigate up one line in the menu?

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