CFA-634: How Can I reset my LCD to default? Bad user boot state.


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I have a CFA-634 which I have been writing to using a serial connection from a PIC processor.

I have been using it fine for about 4 months now just fine, but I ran into a really silly problem today.

Today, I decided to set my own user boot screen. I wrote the the chars I wanted to the screen and then attempted to save that state to the EEPROM. However, it seems as though after I wrote the to the screen there was an error which caused the screen to crash. This state was saved, and now every time I boot the LCD it tries to load this error state and ultimately crashes.

How can I reset my screen to its default? Or erase the EEPROM so that it does not try to load this error state?

Thank you.

Update: I tried closing the JPK jumper which disables the logo at bootup, however, this did not solve the problem. And I am still seeing a blank screen.

Update 2: FIXED! Okay so I figured out how to solve this issue. I unsoldered the necessary jumpers so that I could connect it to my serial port on my computer (it was configured to use inverted, 0-5v serial settings with a PIC). After that I loaded up CC2 software and created a custom screen of some text. I then pressed "Restart CC2". Finally I left clicked on the CC2 icon in the tray clicked "save boot state". The unit now shows the new boot screen. I then resoldered the necessary jumpers and reconnected it to my PIC processor, and it runs fine! Thank God :D
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