CFA-633 with OLEDdisplay?


New member

I'd like a CFA-633 with OLED-display.

Is this something that might be in development?

The reason: LCDs ain't perfect to view information at high angles, a 633 mounted in a computer that sits on the floor (as mine does), would make the reading of a LCD a bit tricky.. It would probably work but the OLED would do a much better job! And look cooler! :cool:

Other options: I guess changing the LCD to a OLED on a 633 is a bit fiddly if at all possible (interface?), even for me who is pretty handy at SMD-soldering.

CF: If there is a possibility of a custom CFA-633 please contact me.

My idea of what it might look like: NOT AN EXISTING PRODUCT! (yet?)

And at night:
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