CFA-633 v1.9 Updated Firmware Released

CF Tech

We are happy to announce that a new version of firmware is now shipping on the CFA-633 serial and USB modules.

The new firmware adds:
  • “X,Y” LCD command to allow partial updates of the LCD
  • 115,200 baud supported
  • Advanced digital GPIO control with PWM output (both inputs and outputs, plus the outputs can be PWM’d at 100Hz, perfect for dimming LEDs, or can be set as inputs with pull up or pull down on the lines, which allows using them to detect a switch or key with no additional components)
  • Application note on connecting DS1963S SHA ibutton
There is a corresponding updated 633_WinTest program, which--as always--comes with complete C source.

We have also released an updated very-simple Linux command line demonstration program with its C source.

We are also releasing the CFA633-RMC-KS "Red" version of the CFA-633:

More Details:
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