CFA-633 USB not powering up


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633 Not starting

my 633 does not start when windows does, the fans do no spin up, the LCD display does not activate, and nothing happens.

The power connection is fine, and the USB cable is properly attached to the motherboard.

I am running windows 2000pro with a side installation of gentoo linux.

I really need to have this working before I go to college in a few days, please help.

Starting service and crystal control does, nothing, and windows reports that all hardware is working properly.
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If the power cable is connected, the CFA-633 should power up as soon as the power supply comes on.

Did the USB "new hardware found" wizard come up as described here?

Try connecting power through the floppy and disconnecting the USB just for kicks.


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if it helps, I noticed that about an hour before it stopped turning on, one of the three fans I had hooked up to the 633 would not spin up, and that the it would not get past the bootup screen that I had created.

after makin sure all the wires were connected properly, it refused to spinup any of the fans and screen still turned on, ocassionally sending messeges to service. Once during this whole time, all the fans started spinning properly and service still would not turn on. after that it all went to hell and this happened, now nothing happens at all, and I am pretty sure that everything is hooked up correctly.


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okay, even with just the floppy power cable connected (strait from the PSU) nothing happens, the screen does not light up.

I do not get the new hardware found messege.

I have had this unit since last year and am extremely pleased with it, this is the first problem I have had since I got it setup...
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