CFA 633 in the UV Networks panel???


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I'm trying to determine how to interact with the LCD panel on my UV Networks 1U case. It looks very much like the 633. But I can't get it to respond at all.

Did CrystalFontz sell the 633 to UV Networks?
The LCD panel has UV Networks silk screened onto the PCB.

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I purchased one of the UV Networks 1U chassis with the LCD display. I can get data to post to it using Crystal Controls for a 632@9600. It does have the buttons like the 633 and they post characters to a console screen, but I can't get the WinTest for the 633 to receive any packets.

Click the images below for larger images.

If you guys have any info, it would be appreciated!


CF Tech

Thank you for posting the pics.

I know for sure we did not have anything to do with that module.

It looks like a standard 16x2 + backpack type thing. I would not expect it to work with the 633_WinTest at all.

If it works with the (632/634) WinTest, then it probably has some sort of simple ASCII based command set.

Unless you get lucky, you would probably have to reveres-engineer the command set and then try to get some software to support that command set.