CFA 631 Read User Flash


New member
Hi i have spent a number of weeks writing some software for the 631 and think i have an issue.

If i send a read user flash command ie packet 3 length 0 + CRC and and then wait for 250 ms (Said response time) i generally 90% maybe more get a response. Technically it should always responed but i could live with that.

However if i send the packet and then continue and send other packets and press buttons etc then it drops to maybe only 40-50%. responses

I have tested the code using Ping as well and have had no issues with the ping command at all.

I noticed a post regarding the CFA633 and the read flash area with a similar problem. Is this a firmware issue on my screen or is it a known problem?? I have a 631 with H1.0 and B1.0

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