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I bought 2 CFA-631 LCDs, one is USB and one is serial. Using LCDPROC 0.5.7 I can only get the serial one to blink when LCDPROC is started. Once I got the USB one to light up and it just faded and never did anything again. How get I get either one up and working? I am on FreeBSD x64 10.1. I am stuck after trying for 2 days.
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We have no experience running LCDProc on FreeBSD so cant offer much help with this issue at the moment i'm afraid.
The fact that it works with the serial module, but not the USB module suggests that there is an issue with the FreeBSD FTDI driver.
Maybe there is some information in this old thread that may be of some use to you? :
My next suggestion is you join a FreeBSD mailing list on a similar topic (usb device or driver related) and ask in there.

If you don't have any luck, let us know, and we'll attempt to get a FreeBSD system setup to look at the problem.


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After trying since you responded I have had no luck in getting the LCD to do anything else but blink when LCDProc is started.
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The serial version of the CFA631 is a special order part -- we haven't shipped any in quite some time.

What are the EXACT part numbers of the displays that you are working with? There may be some customer configuration or firmware that we are working with.


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on the LCD


Serial Module
Rev: 1.0

there is a sticker but i do not know if this means anything to you



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I got the usb CFA-631 working easily on FreeBSD 10.3 in lcdproc. Didn't have any problems.

Maybe you're using the wrong driver?

Use the CFontzPacket driver. The device node for me was /dev/cuaU0.