CFA-631 Firmware question


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The latests CFA-631 displays I have received have the new 2.0 firmware (we used to get 1.1). Do I need to make any changes to my driver software because of the internal firmware changes? I am currently running the 1.0.2134 driver. I know that there is a 1.0.2154 driver available but due to our QA time required to update drivers, I want to schedule this at a later date. But if the new 2.0 firmware requires the new driver then I guess I will do it now...

And is there a list of what was changed or fixed in the new 2.0 firmware release that you can send me?


Jim Wall
Attune Systems
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CF Tech

The reason for the major version number change was that we had to change the processor on the module. There should be no change in functionality.

The USB driver should not be affected by the version of the firmware. In both cases the USB chip is the same.
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