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I'd like to develop some custom firmware for the CFA-735. I'll need to control the LCD, read the keys, and control an attached FB-SCAB fan controller. The obsolete thread in this section (Getting Started with the CFA-735 STM32 ARM User Code) states that the development platform provides example code that demonstrates...

  • Initializing and writing characters to the ST7529 LCD controller
  • Reading the keypad
  • Writing to the status LEDs
  • Reading and Writing characters over USB
  • Reading and Writing characters over the UART

...but neither that thread nor the CFA-10052 Development Platform thread say anything about the FB-SCAB. Is there an API for that?

I have an external STM32-based board that currently controls the 735's LCD, keys, and fans over the serial connection, but we'd like to move everything to the 735's onboard controller. Will that just be a matter of switching from serial commands to local function calls?

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CF Mark

Welcome :)

There currently is no API, code or software examples for using an FBSCAB.
There is a decent chance we could supply one if needed (i'll need to double check this before making any promises).

The example firmware is quite basic. There are no function calls or similar available that replicate existing CFA735/835 commands.
Any of the CFA735's commands that you are using you'll need to replicate in your own CFA-10052 firmware.

You can take a look at the CFA10052 example source code here:

Some LCD & keypad use example code:


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Thanks for the reply, Mark. I think we'll just stick with a cheap external board to talk to the 735 since we already have all the code and functionality we need.