CF635/Wintest datalogging stops after a few minutes for no indicated reason


New member
Hey everyone,

I've been using a CF635 to log data on dallas one wire temperature sensors. I've had the unit for about 6 months with about 50% of that being testing. I use wintest to measure and log the temperatures of the probes. A few days ago the data would stop being logged seemingly at random. The temperature sensors are still available and the software is still responding but it's as if the Log Data box was unchecked. I've tried various things. About 50% of the time the data will be logged for ~1-15 mins before stopping, while the rest of the time, the field headers in the CSV will be generated but logging will never start.

I haven't changed anything on the computer. It's been removed from the network for the past 6 months and so theoretically it shouldn't be updating itself or causing any mischief. It's a dedicated test computer and isn't used for anything else. Data is transferred via USB drive. In addition there is 20Gb of free space on the drive so that's also not a concern.

Does anyone have any clues? Is there anything to check? Is it helpful to attach the last logfile with 1 good logging success (the last good ones) and 4 bad ones?

Thanks in advance!

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