CF-635 USB & jaLCDs - no talkie


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I have a Crystalfonts CFA-635 USB, 4x20 char LCD unit, and I'm running WinXP Pro SP2. I had good results with LCDSmartie 5.32, and CC2 works, though what I'd really like to get running is jaLCDs.

Problem is, no matter what version I install, I get it all set up, load a config file, and no response from the LCD. If it was off, it stays off, if it was on with the startup screen, it stays that way. I can tell jaLCDs is running, but it's not talking to it at all.

I tried all the port95nt stuff, LCDriver 1.2, etc to no avail. It seems that either there's no support for CF's USB drivers' COM port emulation, or I'm doing something wrong, and I have to assume I'm doing something wrong since so many of you got CF displays to work with jaLCDs (not to mention the CF features in the configuration program).

I have verified the settings (I'm running the LCD as COM2). Has anyone got a 635 running with this program?

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51 views of this post and no one has any ideas?

this is frustrating... esp. since I have had about the same response on the jaLCDs board...


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port95nt is not needed for any serial or USB display.

Does jaLCD even support the CFA-635? Its interface is quite different than the CFA-634.

I have an e-mail into the jaLCDs author.


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Hey CF Tech, did anyone ever get back to you about JALCDs and the CF-635? I just recently installed mine in a new Tower rig and was revisiting the software thing...

I am trying to figure out CC2 but making screens is nuts, and I can see that there are some plugins lacking that LCD Smartie and JALCDs have, so I'm curious.