CF 634 and Soundblaster Audigity Platinum EX


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I have just recieved my crystal font 634 usb version, the coolest thing i ever have own!


i have a BIG problem. My Soundcard is a Soundblaster Audigity Platinum EX with the latest drivers. It works perfectly when i dont have my CF installed. My OS is Windows XP SP1 Ver 2600.

When i install my CF with the latest drivers the panel works just fine but when i open a file ( no matter of audio or movie file extension or program i open it with ) i get a terrible rasping scratching sound that is completly terrible. I must find a solution for this big problem. My question are if someone else now about this problem and what i should do now

Creative:s support dont give a ****, it works fine before you install the CF they say........

Please help!!!
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I have tested all the things that was recomended in the above link, none of it helped :(

What will i do?

I dont know if any other than this sound card is working and i cant test it either, i have a realtek ac97 ( Disabled in bios to avoid problems ) in my homemade machine to but i have no possibility to test that because of my loudspeakers are using SPDIF and i dont have that port on the realtek card :(

Please help!! ( Again )


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I hope i have solved the problem now

I have decided to use my **** Soundblaster card as a Boat anchor becuase the only thing this card has done for me is making problem!

I have now orderd a Hercucles Digifire 7.1 sound card with SPDIF possibility and hope it works fine togehter with the Crystal Font 634 :)
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Hello again

I have during this weekend fixed the problem with the 634 and my audigity card

It has nothing to do with either the Soundblaster card or the crystal font *happy*

The problem is in my USB 2.0 card from Adaptec ( Named AUA-3100LP ). This card makes the noise and i have updated the drivers for the card and have tested both the usb port at the inside of the computer and all the 3 ports at the back of the card, all with the same problem

Then i moved the usb contact to my NEC usb port and everything works fine with my Sound blaster card. I also tested the hercules card with the same problem and it was the same reason for that card!