CF-633 How display internal temp and fanvalues in CC2

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How can I display the temperature sensor (DS18XX) and fanvalues in CC2?
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Ok, sorry, my english is not the best ...
I want display the temperature from the sensors (DS18XX) and fanvalues in CC2. :confused:
Like a extra screen.
A boot screen to display this value is possible but CC2 can not display this value?

Greetings from Berlin


Ok, let's start from the beginning. I need to know if you have the sensors and fans hooked up to the 633. Also, assuming this has been done, have you configured them in CC2?

In other words, is the 633 currently controlling the fans? If so, you are most of the way there. If not, you need to do this, first. Make sure you are using the latest version of CC2, or you can not do anything.

Once you are to the point where you have sensors/fans controlled by CC2, tell us your configuration (# of sensors, fans), how you are controlling, and exactly what you wish to display.

At that point, a screen file can be written.


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Ok, Jim!

I found, what I need!
The "fan power management screen" is is the solution.
Sometimes it helps to read the forum better! ;)

Thanks for the support!
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I wrote you one specifically for a 633.

Format is:

Sensor1_Name Sensor1_temp
Fan1_Name Fan1_RPM Fan1_%power


CPU: 31.7°C
Fan: 1500 RPM 50%

Please note that when I name a sensor or fan, I make it as shown above: "CPU: ", so that it formats as above.

But, if you like the "fan power management screen" , go for it.

Also, FWIW, I have not tested the above (I do not have a 633), but it should work as is. It is possible, that the screen might go past the right end. I am used to working with 20 column displays.:)

If you have questions, or something doesn't work, let me know.