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I have a CFA-533-YYH-KU. It installed 633_Wintest.The backlight works but the LCD Display does not.
Also cf_linux_examples for 633 seem to have the same effect.I have tried quite a few commands.The write to LCD , Contrast and Keypad Activity don't seem to work.
Is there a special 533_wintest or equivalent?
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CF Support2

The CFA633 version of WinTest should see the CFA533 and communicate with it without any issues.

Does Windows see the CFA533? Is there a virtual Com port set up for it in Device Manager? You will need to select this port in the 633_WinTest for it to communicate. Once you do, you can also toggle between the two baud rates to see if that works as well.


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Yes Windows can see CFA 533.I can also see it in the Device Manager.And I can only change the brightness of the LCD using 633_Wintest.No other command seems to work.
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