cc2_tray.exe CPU usage still pretty high


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Out of all the processes running on my Windows 7 PC, according to windows Task Manager, cc2_tray.exe has the highest total cpu usage (known as CPU time). Even more than relatively intensive programs such as uTorrent or windows's dwm.exe. So someone told me this is partly because CC2 constantly updates every plugin it has loaded, whether I'm actually using them or not. And one way to prevent this is to remove all the cc2_xxx.dll files that I'm not using. So I did that, I removed a total of 14 of the DLLs, and restarted CC2, and I double-checked using windows Resource Monitor to confirm that these DLLs were no longer loaded. And it made no effect on the CPU usage.

The actual average cpu usage is pretty low, according to Resource Monitor it is 0.62, somewhere in the middle of all my running programs. But the value called "average cycle" (I don't know what it means) is waaay higher than anything else; 5.24. All my other CPU intensive apps are around 1.2 or lower. cc2_tray.exe's cpu usage jumps between 0 and 2, but "cycle" never goes below 5, ever.

Meanwhile, all that it's actually doing is showing a clock. It shouldn't be using this much of my CPU. Can anyone else confirm this problem, or is it just something to do with my PC alone? Is there anything I can do to fix it?
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CF Mark

To explain it briefly, its because of the large number of threads, and the timing system used by CrystalControl2.

CC2 has a very accurate timing system which was necessary for the older printer port driven HD44780 LCD displays. Getting this accuracy in older versions of Windows & PC hardware required timers that do consume a little CPU time.
CC2 actually uses quite a small amount of CPU time compared to other software that supports HD44780 displays in Windows (some used 20%+ CPU time).
As HD44780 displays were the first supported by CC2, the rest of CC2 adopted the same timing system/library.

As for lowering CPU use, you can remove unused plugins. Besides that, nothing else can be done.