cc2_service.exe keeps causing errors


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Each time Windows (XP with SP2) starts it seems that cc2_service.exe generates an error that cause it to shut down. Checking the 'send error' report suggests it's a fault in msvcr70.dll (something to do with C++ ??)

Anyone else had similar problems ??

Maybe it's partly due to the fact that msvcr70.dll doesn't exist on my 'puter...
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CF Mark

msvcr70.dll is required, and should exist as the CrystalControl2 installer tries to install it.

Its not in the c:\windows\system32 directory?


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Nope, unfortunately not anywhere that I can see... (even searched for it)

I even looked on MS to see if I could download it but it isn't there...

EDIT: downloaded CC2 by following the link from the OCAU thread