CC2 Winamp feature not showing complete Artist


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so I setup my own custom Winamp screen but when i put the "Track Name" as the first line, for some reason it cuts the first word in the Artist off. (p.s. it's set to Scroll so i know it's not just pushed off to the left...)

i.e. I play : Kanye West ft. Dwele - Flashing Lights but what is displaying on screen is "West ft. Dwele - Flashing Lights" the Kanye part is cut off. but other songs like Scooter - Jumping all over the world the only thing showing is "- Jumping all over the world" there's no artist showing at all in that one.

I've tested the song informations and added the letter "a" with a space in front of those songs to see if the same thing would happen and it does. it cuts off the "a" now and displays the other name which was missing before.

I don't know why this is happening but I don't really want to go through my entire music collection and add a letter to the beginning of each artist name just to have that feature of the screen work.

Anyone know what can fix this?
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CF Mark

CC2 displays what is shown in the Winamp title bar.

If you have the scrolling titlebar turned on, it needs to be off.


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ok! Thanks for telling me that. (and so quickly. you're awesome!!)

it wasn't the scrolling as that was already turned off, but I had also previously removed the other option below it "Show the playlist number in the Windows taskbar". By turning this feature back on it went back to displaying the full artist name.

so Lesson learned for others: leave that option turned on.