CC2 Service vs. User Tray


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I'm using a 635 under win 7 64. I recently tried running the app as a service instead of the user tray option and it works autostart, crashing or UAC issues. Also, as a plus, I like the fact that CC2 starts when windows loads up rather than waiting for a user to log on; This way the shutdown rules I setup are in place if the pc crashes and reboots without me being in front of my pc. So the question is, other than losing the option to "Dim LCDs on User Idle" - what else am I losing out on by running the app as a service under win 7? Are there any technical/performance reasons to run it as a user tray option instead? The reason I ask is because I've read several posts always recommending to run CC2 with the tray option. Hopefully someone could clarify this for me.

Incidentally, the option "Dim LCDs on User Idle" does not work for me when I use the tray option anyway. Is this a known issue? Are others using this option with success?

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After reading the forums some more I guess I can answer my own question - Some plugins will not work (i.e. CoreTemp) if the app is set as a service. Shame since having the app start before login is very beneficial. I guess I have to determine which plugins don't work in service mode and take it from there.

CF Mark

Any software that uses Shared Memory to share data wont work when running as a NT service.
Unfortunately that's most of the external apps that CC2 supports :(

Dimming on user idle also doesnt work in Win7/Vista for similar reasons.

CC2 really needs a re-write (ie, CC3) to fix these problems :(
Hopefully it'll happen in the not too far future.