CC2 running on CFA-635


New member
Any compatibility issues with CC2 and the CFA-635 display?

WinTest displays text on my display fine. However, I noticed in cc2, there's no provision to add the CFA-635 display. The 634 option is there, along with 631 and 633, but no 635.

I am using the display on SBS 2003.

I tried setting up the cc2 using the 634 and ite info selected, CPU and HDD bargraph, does not display.

I have the 635 on COM 4, the serial port is on COM1, Device Manager says the device is working fine. WinTest demonstrates the display will accept input from software.

Anybody can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

FYI, LCD Smartie version 3 is much more user friendly than version 4. On the newest release, there's no provision to select my display, which was clear in the previous version.

Thanks, Guys!

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