CC2 on Intel D945GCLF2


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We have built several computer systems using Intel D945GCLF2 mainboards and Crystalfontz CFA-635s.
The CC2 GUI crashes when attempting to load more than about three lines. This usually corrupts the .ini files.
Since the CC2 GUI was not able to build a complete set of .ini files for our various screens, it was necessary to write the .ini files manually. CC2 works fine with these completed .ini files, provided the CC2 GUI is not called.

Dragging the third or fourth line into the CC2 GUI display will not write the contents and hang. Sometimes at that state, logging into Remote Desktop will cause the line to write correctly, suspecting maybe a video driver issue?

It seems there might be an Intel video driver/CC2 compatibility problem with this combination.
We are using all the latest drivers.
Are there any known issues as such?

We've used CC2 and CFA-635 displays on several other systems and have never seen this problem.

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CF Mark

You say that the screen editor crashes if you try to load more than three lines... three lines of what?
Does it do this with any type of information, or just information from one, or a couple of types (plugins)?