CC2 on CFA-635 Windows XP and USB


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Does CC2 support the USB version of the CFA-635 display under windows XP? Also, what about Boot Screen?


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CF Support2

Yes, the CFA635 USB variants are supported by CC2. The driver creates a USB device, and then a Virtual Com Port (VCP) - it may be COM3, or COM7 for example. You then use this COM port when setting up CC2.

The boot screen utility is for the CFA632 / CFA634 series of modules only.

To set a custom boot screen for the CFA635, you will need to use 635_WinTest.
  1. download the 635 WinTest -
  2. Connect your CFA635 and install the driver
  3. launch the 635_WinTest applicatoin
  4. Select your CFA635 from the drop down list
  5. Set up your boot screen the way that you want - text, backlight, and contrast
  6. Open the "packet debugger"
  7. Select Command 4 - Save current state as boot state
  8. leave the date field blank
  9. click on "Send Packt"
  10. Close out of the 635_WinTest application
  11. cycle the power to your CFA635
  12. You should now see your custom boot screen