CC2 not starting after suspend


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HI. I have been playing with CC2 for a couple of days now and my first problem is when I put my computer into stand-by CC2 shuts down from blue to red, then when I turn it back on from stand-by it is stopped and when I click on start nothing happens at all with the program. The only way to get it started again is to restart my computer. My system is Win XP sp2 AMD 64 3200 754 on a Asus K8N-E Deluxe MB. Thank you in advance for any help.
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CF Mark

Sorry for the slow reply...

I have had reports of similar problems with power saving.
I will look into the problem soon (there are a few other things to get done first).

In the mean time, you can restart CC2 without rebooting.
Hit alt-ctrl-del, go into the task manager, and kill cc2_service.exe.
Then go into the control panel -> "Admin Tools" -> "Services" -> find "CC2Service" in the list, right click on it and hit "Start".


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Temp fix

Thanks you that got it going, please let me know when you find a permanent solution:)