CC2 NOID/[E01] with Everest/AIDA64 WMI


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Just picked up the CF635 USB External model, and have gotten everything setup with one exception. I cannot for the life of me get any WMI data from Everest or AIDA64. I know the WMI plugin is working because it can take info from other sources (like the current year from windows). In the temp software I have WMI enabled and can see the current accurate value in the WMI preview window, but as soon as I hit ok and it processes the addition to the screen it just adds NOID. When run it produces the old [E01].

If I could use systool I would, but cannot since im on windows 7 64bit. Rivatuner apparently cannot share data any more with CC2 on windows 7. ATI Tool doesn't run, plus I use an nvidia card. I was able to follow the details in the forum for installing the LCD screen just fine by the way. Your official guide could use some updating though.

So to recap, I just need to find some way for the WMI info to make it though to CC2. I hope its as simple as a permissions change...
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CF Mark

Ill look into this on Monday for you.

One question, are you running CC2 as a service, or in the tray?

CF Mark

Problem found finally...

For example:
- Drag in the WMI item
- Select "root\WMI" name space.
- Select "AIDA64_SensorValues" class (1st column)
- Select "inst0007" instance (2rd column)
- Select "Value = ..." property (3rd column)
- Click OK

The WMI screen editor plugin allows you to press "OK" without selecting an item from the 3rd column which I imagine is what youve done.
Select a property to display from that 3rd column and it should work fine (does for me).

CF Mark

Good to hear :)
Nope, not user error at all. The dialog shouldnt allow "OK" to be pressed without an item in all 3 columns being selected, so it is a bug.