cc2 no lcd output


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after install older version (20061225) to test something ...nothing working at all. cc2 says no error or anything else. i used this old version until the last days and it worked fine. then i used v.20070812 and had some tiny problems with it but over all it worked. but after i installed the old version there was no way to get the display to show anything. so i wiped out the old version and tryed the new version to show there is no hardware problem. but the same result ...the programm and service is working without reporting any error but the display shows nothing. and it gets worser. until all works at the startup the display shows some unreadable text signs but after all of cc2 was started all was right. i have a hd 40x4 and who know this display they know it has those two lines if the power is connected. and now they didnt disapear until all (include cc2 full startup) has done. but it is no hardware problem ....i tested it with lcd smartie ...and this think works perfect.

so for info. i using winxpsp2 and a HD44... 40x4

as attacment all the log files. i looked at them ...and it looks not good ....but i have no apprehension of what the problems mean or how to solve this.
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