CC2 Logging and ini files


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What all does CC2 log? And where are the log files? I'm interested in the temp sensors and fan speeds specifically. The only thing I can find about logging is logpref.ini under the documentation\plugin-info folder. The readme in that folder says not to use those files.

I don't see a single ini file in CC2's main directory come to think of it, and when I use this forum's search I keep running into "Edit this ini" sort of suggestions. Is that all outdated information?
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CF Mark

Under Windows 2000/XP the INI & LOG files are kept in the same directory as CC2 itself.
Under Vista they are stored in "C:\ProgramData\CrystalControl2".

Temp & Fan speeds as read from SCAB modules go into two files, "history-63x-xxxxxx.csv" and "stats-63x-xxxxxx.txt".