CC2 - It's the Bomb !

Ice Matey

New member
I just want to give a hearty thanks to those of you who worked on this project. I have waited patiently for a long time for this, and I am very impressed. Everything seems to integrate and "feel" so much smoother -- especially those built in equalization modes!

I can't wait for the tool to make custom screens !

Great job ! Thanks for the early Christmas present :)
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New member

Thank you for the software! I have been waiting for this since it was first anounced! I always liked CC more than all the other Software like, t.e. JaLCDs.

now, with the ability to view bargraphs, CC2 is unbeatable. despite the fact that not everything works properly yet on my rigs (t.e. CPU usage is always 0%...).

Thanks again, and a good and Merry Christmas to you all!