CC2 Hangs While Drag & Drop Custom Char

Ringo Kid

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When I drag and drop from the custom character node to the screen editor design surface, CC2 hangs as soon as I release the mouse button. This is a new thread about a problem I mentioned before, but now would like to address it.

I have on rare occasion actually been successful in creating a custom character. If it happens, it is right after a reboot of the machine. If the screen already has a custom character on it and I somehow get the custom character dialog, the afore mentioned custom character isn't present and any newly created custom character replaces it.

Once CC2 is "hung", I can in fact click on the Screen Editor or the Configuration dialogs and they do get focus, although the Configuration dialog is pretty weird. When I click on either of the close [X] boxes, I get the same result I get when I kill CC2 through the task manager. I have no trouble restarting CC2 and it connects to the service.

I do not think there is any problem with the plugins or the service. For a while, I thought it hung because CC2 was looking for something on my floppy (A:) since the drive light came one when the screen editor was activated for the first time. But I later dismissed that as a coincidence although it seemed to work when there was a diskette in the drive. Again, coincidence...

I do not have any difficulties with drag and drop from other nodes. I have been using Everest with WMI successfully.

My impression as an old C programmer is that some memory is being overwritten. We all know this is pretty easy to do since, in many cases we are dealing with pointers. But again, this is only an impression...

I do have a full copy of Visual Studio 2005 installed on my machine. I only mention this in case some demon from DLL hell has arisen to gum up the works. I would be nice to know the dependancies so I could compare versions and see if that may be contributing to this problem.

I find this so frustrating because it seems like it is very close to working.

If you want to send code for me to run, just let me know. As far as company private stuff, I write retail management software for a living and between that, my daughters and my horses, I not interested in persuing anything else. And I keep pretty good secrets. This is my development machine, so we need to safeguard it.
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CF Mark


A new version of CC2 has been in beta for a while now and im hoping to release it next week.
I think the best thing to do is wait for this new version. If the problem still exists, ill then dig into the code to fix it.

Ringo Kid

New member
Good idea!

I just finished playing with the bar graphs. VERY COOL!:cool: I changed the the custom characters for the bar graphs through the GUI and everything worked well.

I'm having way too much fun with this. Tomorrow I have to do some serious programming.:D