CC2 Hangs explorer Win7 x64


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Hey guys,

Got a strange one here...
Just re-installed from the win7 x64 Release Candidate to a full OEM licence key.

While running the Release Candidate, CC2 was running fine, no issues, but after the re-install the following happens:

when I start the CC2 user space, explorer becomes unresponsive (i.e. trying to open my computer, or win-e does not do anything) until I stop the user space application, as to which my requested actions happen (i.e. my computer will then open)

Any light as to why the CC2 user space is causing explorer processes to hang?

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CF Mark

Yes, first give the new drivers a try.
They might help.

Im trying to find the source of the Win7 x64 issues at the moment.


Hi guys,

I've been running Win 7 and CC2 since I got the RTM version downloaded. Occasionaly, I do have to restart the CC2.

I am running as a service.

BlancMange, what do you mean by "CC2 user space"?


I have no idea if this means anything, but I just checked my drivers for my CF displays.

These drivers were installed by Win 7 as an update:

Provided by: Crystalfontz; Driver version:; Driver Date: 6/27/2007

Seems like an old date, but recent version #. ???

CF Mark

BlancMange, what do you mean by "CC2 user space"?
He means having CC2 running in the Tray... not as a service.

I had the same problem, which seemed to be fixed by installing the newer FTDI drivers.

There are a few other strange things going on with CC2 as well though (after a few hours, CC2 causes mouse response to become laggy/random... quite weird), so im looking into those.