CC2 fan control suggestion


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CC2 is really looking great; the fan control is really nice and allows for a lot of flexibility. There is however, one thing I would like to do with the fans that I would love to be able to do. Basically I would like to be able to set a minimum run speed for the fans wile still allowing the fans to completely stop. I can almost do this now with the auto power curve and I can see two different ways that this could work.

In the auto power curve I can set multiple points were the curve changes ie. I can set a point for 0 power at 25.2º and make the power jump to 15 at 25.7 º. This almost accomplishes what I want, but in the 0.5 º range the fan will still have the jerking PWM stall effect. If it were possible to set the blue dot up in the air at 15/25.2 º and not have the 15 power as a minimum speed it might work.

The other way I could see would be the preferred way with the tach sensor. The tach keeps the fan just above stall speed. If the tach could be turned off when the power curve hits 0 power, the fan could completely stop.

Perhaps one of the gurus can enlighten me as to how to do the above, if not, perhaps it could be a future feature.
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That’s not quite what I am trying to do. I do currently run with rpm monitoring off, but the area between 1~15% power is what I am trying to eliminate. The fans are nice when its cool enough for them to be off, and they aren’t too bad when they are above 15%, but when the temperature is just right and the power is between 1~15% they make an annoying noise. I would like to have the fans off at a low temperature, when the temp is high enough the fans start at 15% and scale to 100%.


Is there really a need to turn the fans off completely?

Why not something above 15% then and forget the fan stoppage?