CC2 Crashing when configuring Winamp screen


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before i start I have CC2 latest version 2011/1/12 as well as the latest USB drivers 2.08.14 running on WinXP

I'm trying to setup a Winamp screen in CC2 and when I add the Spectrum Analyzer it doesn't show up on the line after i press ok. and then if i press OK or Cancel it crashes and I have to restart CC2.

Also for the lines where I am able to add the Spectrum Analyzer the rest of that line is filled with the Title of the song in CC2 config (it is not displayed on the LCD).

here is what I am trying to do for a Screen. I have a 634 so it's 20x4.

Line1: Title name of song (scrolling to the left)
Line2:Spectrum Line1, 12chars wide | status text(playing,paused,stopped)
Line3:Spectrum Line2, 12chars wide | current time in track
Line4:Spectrum Line3, 12chars wide | PlaylistPosition"/"PlaylistTotal

out of that I can't get "Spectrum Line1" to add, and the Spectrum Line2 and Line3 have the title of the song afterwards so i can't add the other things afterwards.

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ok so got the log files and some screenshots to help explain...

i'm able to create the bottom 2 lines of the Spectrum Analyzer but it adds the title of the song partially afterwards for no reason.

when I try to add "Line1" of the Spectrum Analyzer to the 2nd Line of my LCD display nothing shows up. then if I click either OK or Cancel, CC2 will crash.

ALTHOUGH, while trying to get the log files the song changed while i was adding "Line1" of the Spectrum Analyzer and it somehow showed up this time... so I kept going by adding the status text to Line 2, then the Time played to Line 3, then Playlist Position to Line 4... and I try adding Static Text for the Character "/" and the same thing happens, it doesn't show up and if i click OK then CC2 crashes. that is what the Logs should display.

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CF Mark

Thanks for the screen shots, ill try to replicate and then fix the problem here.

The save screen button is disabled.
Its a work in progress...

CF Mark

Apologies for the slow reply... i have fixed the bug.

Attached is the new version of the Winamp plugin DLL.
Copy this new version into your CrystalControl2 directory overwriting the old file.



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ok that fixed the extra text from Spectrum Analyzer but CC2 still crashes after it fails to add the "/" character from Static text, or if I try adding a custom character where I manually draw a Slash. Since I finally had managed previously to add the 3rd Spectrum line without it crashing I don't want to try removing it and re-adding it to see if it might crash on that again.

when I add the "/" as static text to my screen nothing happens. it just doesn't show up and then whether i press OK or Cancel it freezes and crashes a few seconds later like in the screenshot. the zip files i attached earlier should have all the crash debug info from the "/" static text adding.