CC2 crashing explorer


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Hey, everybody;

I searched, but couldn't find any pertinent information.

After installing my 635 and CC2, if CC2 is running and I try to... say, open a Windows Explorer window (using the windows button + e), the window will act like it's loading, and then remain there, frozen, until I stop the CC2 service. Any advice?

Update: I tried using LCD Smartie for a few minutes, and it was incredibly sluggish (and it's definitely not my computer). WinTest works fine, and I've matched the speed (115200) with the device's properties in the hardware manager, but nothing seems to really want to work for me.
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CF Mark

Well I haven't heard of this problem before.

Try moving/renaming all plugins in the CC2 directory except for "cc2_timedate.dll".
This will test if its a plugin causing the problem or the CC2 service itself.
If its a plugin, it might be a matter of trial & error to work out which one it is.


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That does seem to have helped. I took out all .dlls related to screens except the timedate one, as well as all the .dlls that were for other screen versions (lcd_634.dll, for example). I put random screens in, along with the date/time/uptime screen, and naturally none of them work except the uptime one. While it's running, I can successfully open Explorer, though, so it looks like you hit the ticket. Now just trial and error to see which .dll it is?

Thanks again.