CC2 can't find virtual COM Port; CC1 works fine

I have a 634 Serial (!) display, connected to a usb port via a usb<->serial converter (not the one from CrystalFontz, but essentially the same).

The Hardware setup is ok, since CC1 has no problems finding the device and displaying data.

CC2 however cannot find the "virtual" Com Port, which is listed in the Device Manager (WindowsXP Professional) as Serial To USB Port (COM1).See atached screenshots. Not even the "Use first avaialable LCD" option in the CC2 Config work2.

At first I thought the problem was that CC2 starts as a service and that the "virtual" Com port drivers had not been loaded, but if that was the case a restart of the service should have fixed it.

I have tried installing the USB drivers (even though it does not make any sense, since the converter's drivers already simulate a COM PORT and the display is a serial device) as suggested in
but that did not help.

Does anyone know of a solution? The fact, that CC1 has no problem with the device means there has to be one. Thanks for your trouble.
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Don`t know if it helps but you can change the com port of the usb<->serial converter (not the LCD module) in control panel. This may match it to the physical one used by the module. I had the same problem with one of these connected to a card reader for satellite comms (think I changed it from com1 to com6 or something similar), I was making my own security access card as an experiment-the dish is motorized. They`re probably just not speaking to each other as on different com ports.

Thank you for the imput. I don't think that is the problem, though. The display does not need and indeed has no (physical) configuration for a specific com port. I had already changed the com port settings in the hardware monitor but the result is the same as before. CC1 can address the display on any com port I set the converter to. CC2 configuration does not show the port in the Comport listbox.

I have just installed LCDSmartie and the display is working well using the virtual com port settings (Com1 and 9600 Baud). I still would prefer using CC2, since there is a plugin for the Hardware sensors monitor, so I still would appreciate help on this.

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Setting it manually should work.
Add a 634 module, set the com port to auto, then add a few screens, etc.
Then close (completely) the tray config app.
Edit lcd_634.ini, and change "port=com1".

Re-run the config app, then start CrystalControl2 from that.
It should work.
Working now!

Thank you very much. Manually setting the com port in the ini file worked.
So the problem was merely one of detecting the port.
Perhaps the config utility could be fixed.
Again, thank you for the fast and competent help!