CC2 and Speedfan 4.19


New member
Version 4.19 of Speedfan is out. I`d just fitted a new HDD and dusted out the internal case of my SN45G shuttle (annual event, crucial for internal temps on shuttles). Thus, I decided to test the new version.

4.19 works well with the present User Customised Speedfan Screens. Some tinkering is involved in certain instances to get automatic speed ramping going on the temps. It seems we don`t necessarily get that from default now-the helpfile has full details.

I found the new version more responsive, less apt to make fan speed changes so often but still retaining that feel of security. Any changes in use are reflected by the Speedfan program and not by CC2. Though some of this could be due to the clean out of my internal case. Unfortunately my new drive doesn`t report its temp to Speedfan and thus to the CC2 user Screen-you win some, you lose some! I just edited the screen to suit. ;)

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