CC2 and HD44780 compatibility


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Hey Guys

This may already have been answered, but I recently hacked my CFAH2002A-YMI-JPV into accepting data from my PC's parallel port (by following the handy guide). CrystalControl I seems to run the display just fine, but when I run CrystalControl II, two things happen:

1) When I go to load a module, it doesn't display any module to load. In the file type box it says *.0000, so I have to manually type in *.2002 to get it to display files for my display.
2) NOTHING appears on the LCD screen. It appears unitialized (one row of black blocks on the top row), as it does when it's first plugged in.

Are these bugs with CrystalControl II, and if so what other software out there is good for controlling a HD44780 display?
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at the moment, CC2 does not properly support HD44780 displays.

CrystalControlAdmin is working on it, but has been busy recently and only releasing minor updates to the beta.

if you want to use a HD44780 display until CC2 properly supports the displays, i suggest using a piece of software called LCDSmartie, its what i used before i bought a CFA-635. -

if you want help with LCDSmartie, i can help you as i have used it for a while before moving to CC2 (and still use it on my servers which have HD44780 LCD's)


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Thanks, already tried it out and got it figured out shortly after I posted my first post. I hope CC2 will be able to support it in the future!