CC2 16/02/06 Install Problems


New member
Just tried installing CC2 16/02/2006 - Will not run.
Clicked on Manual and followed instructions. (imagine that!)
Manual said to install over previous CC2 installation - contrary to what I read later in the CC2 16/02/2006 posting.

Ok - I tried the un-install script and re-installed. still no good.

Tried to manually uninstall, deleted all CC2 directories and searched registry and deleted all references to CC2. Still no good.

I am certain I am missing somthing. Does someone have a cleanup script or a listing of what I need to remove for a fresh install?

Your help is greatly appreciated... I miss my display!
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CF Mark

If the versions are similar, then installing over the top is ok.
This release though has a different directory structure to the old version, so the old version does need to be uninstalled first.

So does the icon in the windows start bar ever turn blue?

Could you zip up all the INI and LOG files in the crystalcontrol2 directory and attach them in this thread?
I should be able to work out whats wrong from those.