case for usb-lcd?


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Just got the 635!

It looks like most people are using the mounting bracket to put these in their PC (with the SCAB also).

I have a different application. I am going to be hooking this up to a small computer (ibox-500), which will be doing some data acquisition. So the LCD will be used for some limited command and control and status display.

Is there a case that will hold the PCB. I could then velcro the case - or just let it hang. I want this case to be as small as possible. The case would also be a good product for a carputer application (computer under seat, display velcro'd to dash).

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or you can do what i did and mount a HDD in the spare space with a USB/IDE adapter, and if you want to go further, put a USB hub in there, keep 2 ports for the 635 and HDD, and have 2 ports on the side so you can plug things into it :)


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Well, there is an idea for the CF guys. Make a Combo unit, external CF63x LCD and HDD in a single case off a single USB cable (to a hub, splitting to the HDD and LCD) and one power supply brick.

Also possibly to save some space, design the USB Hub and SATA HDD Controller all on the same PCB.

Of course you would need to sell it without a HDD!


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an improvement on the post above:

1x USB cable
1x power connection (either with an adapter to take power from teh case, or external PSU)
1x SATA connector to plug SATA HDD into caddy
2x USB ports for other accessories
1x CF63x LCD

a basic version i was gonna make consisted of the following:

1x usb cable to 4 port USB hub
1x CFA-635 LCD at front
1x USB-IDE adapter hacked to circuit board only (space saving)
1x USB-IDE power adapter to supply power for HDD

the LCD and HDD plugged into the first 2 ports of the 4 port hub, and the other 2 ports would be modded to the side of the enclosure.

if the CF guys want to talk to me about designs and stuff, i have lots of ideas on how to put this together to make it efficient and stylistic


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I had a quick look at the USB2-IDE Bridge chips and the USB hub chips, and they are pretty compact little units with minimal support circutry requirements. Although I couldn't find a SATA bridge, only ATA-133 bridges. (Edit: I finally did find one USB2-SATA150 bridge

I think an acceptable PCB with the 2x External USB connectors, an internal USB link to a PATA bridge for the HDD and a small custom header (for shielded cable from the PCB at the back of the case, to the USB header on the CF63x LCD in the front) could be designed in a couple of days and at a pretty low cost.

You could also get really cheeky and add a mini-scab with one or 2 temp sensors and a fan controller to monitor and cool the internal HDD.

Also such a unit would look neat with a large red backlit CF logo in the lid of the case, or blue LED lighting coming out underneath the unit lighting up the desk. Hell, I would buy one.. I got my 635 just sitting on my desk since it's a lot easier to read there than down in the case completely out of my field of view.
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