can't get my OLED to power up


New member
Ive connected to OLED 2x20 to my PIC16F84 as with the earlier LCD 2x16 i used but the screen is totally blank. Could it have gone dead when i accidently connected + 5v to VBT??
The maximum ratings chart says that 5v is the maximum so it should endure it atleast a couple of seconds...But it didnt :(
Maybe the OLED doesnt show the "blocks" as the lcd does when its connected to power? I would be very happy if it simply is a code problem and not a dead oled.
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The display doesent show the "blocks". I was a bit confused to..
But try to send some data to it just as you did to the 2*16LCD and it should come alive :)
VBT seems to work fine with a 1kOhm resistor to +5v.