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Cannot install 634 USB on WinXP


New member

Just recieved my 634 LCD Display today. Tested it in office where it worked with the drivers on the crystalfontz webpage.

tonite I wanted to test on my computer at home (where it finally will be installed). I am not even able to install it!

The following configuration:

ASUS Pundit with P4S8L MoBo
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (German).

After installing the 2145b driver files into the sugested directory I plugged in the USB Cable connected to the LCD. I get the message from Windows that the following device has been detected and is ready to install: "USB <-> Serial". When I point to the directory with the drivers installed to, it won't accept these.

It mentionned "USB <-> Serial" also on my office PC.

Thank you for your help!
kind regards
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New member

It worked with these drivers! Thank you very much for your highspeed support.

Kind regards from Switzerland!