Cannot cofigure 635 module with cc2setup-20050724

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I install the cc2setup-20050724.exe software fine and WinTest635 finds my screen fine and I can change the display through that.

When I add the screen as per the manualmanual I always get the orange box appear and the following message:

"Previously used port does not appear to exist anymore, please select another"

I haven't changed the port at all and even if I do change the port (from COM4 to COM6) CC2 still gives me the error.

Can anyone assist as I would dearly love to get everything connected.

It may also help to mention that the SCAB is connected to H1 but I have not connected a floppy power connector to it, not have I added any fans or temperature probs as of yet. I simply want to ensure that the software all works before I take my case apart to route in all the cables.


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It's OK - I've fixed it myself.

If the 635 is configured to use a SCAB then it must be connected and a floppy power cable must be hooked up to it otherwise it simply will not work.

Glad that is resolved. Now I just need to work out how to get my sysytem info running on it properly.