C Library for CFAG12864B (KS0107/KS0108)

CF Tech

"JCP" wrote
. . . a long while ago I bought a few of your CFAG12864B-YYH-V LCD's. I then realized that it was going to take some work to write a driver for it to do things like Line, Box, Circle, and so on. Sure there was source already out there if you wanted to pay BIG bucks for it!!!

I didn't, so I wrote my own. I then figured that I would offer it to you for free with the stipulation that you would post it on your site to help out others that are new and looking for a head start. You got free code that works great, that sells for hundreds of dollars doing the same thing . . .
I have attached Jim's code. It is written in C, and includes a couple of fonts. It is targeted at the "MOD5270 Module" from http://www.netburner.com/ but of course it should not be too big of an effort to port it to a different processor.
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