build 20060216 -- recursive deletions [bad]


New member
Haven't nailed this down yet but it appears that screens which reference a perfmon.ini value cause cascading deletes for all other screens that reference the same perfmon.ini value whenever the histogram screen is deleted.

For example: main screen 00 has four bar graphs for stuff like CPU, disk, mem, lan. Subsequent screens use histograms for each of those (and more). In order to minimize processing, the perfmon.ini values from screen 00 are reused for the histogram inputs. This works fine until you delete one of the histograms, at which point it appears that the perfmon.ini value is also deleted, which causes the indirectly associated bar graph on screen 00 to also get zapped.

This didn't happen with the version from 2005. I'm guessing it has to do with the automatic cleanup code.
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