Born again 631 user


New member
I bought my 631 LCD module long long ago in the land that time forgot...... It started freezing up and as I had a 634 and a 635 I took it off the internal connector and stopped using it eventually. I even cut the cable up (forgive me god for I have sinned heavily) and used it as part of an internal cable for an SD Card Reader, leaving the SD Card inside the case as a resident memory stick.

Now as I look and see some of the problems that occur with internal USB connections I have long missed the 631 and wished to get it back in service. The cable was respliced in 2 places but with an external USB connector added. I then fastened an old metal video card insert to the side of the case. This was forced inside the front cover of an external HD/DVD case and bent to the required angle so it was just under my monitor and in line with it.

Woo Hoo! So good to see my baby back! Its been so long I never got to see the GUI version of CC2 on it till now. No freezing up so far and I don`t think the problem will return somehow. All I need now is one of the new external 635`s with buttons to make it all complete. Its surprising how attached you get to these little chaps!

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