Bootscreen problems on 634USB


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I've read through this forum, but couldn't find the answer, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

My problem:

When I use the bootscreen setup software I'm not able to alter anything. That means, I can alter all kinds of things in the software, but it doesn't get uploaded to the LCD. My 634 USB is set up on virtual COM 4 at 19200 Baud. If I select a lower baudrate the display doesn't seem to work. However I can't select 19200 as a baudrate in the bootscreen setup software, and I think that's the problem. I've got the same problem with the winamp plugin advertised on the CF website.

Anyone have a suggestion how I can get this to work.

P.S. The CrystalControl software is working flawlesly by the way (I can select 19200 there).
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This may be a silly question, but what are the chances that you have Crystalcontrol running when you attempt to change the boot screen with that program (or work with any other program)?

If you have any other programs open that are using that port, you won't be able to talk to the display from where you think you ought to be able to do so.


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Well this wasn't a silly question. CrystalControl wasn't running, but as it turned out it was a little .dll used by my UPS software that was assuming that my UPS was connected to virtual COM4.

Thnx for the suggestion!

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I am also having difficulty uploading the bootscreen to the LCD. I have the LCD on com3, 19600 baud. It works fine with SmartyLCD and crystal Control. With the boot screen utility I can type things on the LCD but the bootscreen isnt uploaded to the LCD :(

I dont have other applications using that port.

I have the USB version of the 634
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