Bootscreen on CFAH4004


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Yes, before you say it's not possible to "save" a bootscreen in the CFAH LCD's - I know that already.

I was thinking another way. Making a circuit that uses a programmable IC, which contains the bootscreen, that will send the programmed data to the LCD when the circuit gets power on powerup. It just has to do that one time - since as long as nothing else sends data, the bootscreen will be shown. And when the PC is fully booted a program like CrystalControl can take over... Hope I make myself clear...

Any suggestions on an IC? Program? How to connect it?

I do have knowledge of electronics, but not enough to figure this out myself. Getting idea's is no problem though :D

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I have a friend who would shout: "ATMEL's MCU!!"

I'm a bit more quiet on that matter. Some kind of microcontroller (BASIC stamp, PIC or an Atmel MCU) would do the trick. But i've just begun to learn the BASIC Stamp. You probably could use that and it's quite easy to program. I have no idea on how the program should look like. I've just been playing around with leds that move in different patterns so far. But there's 8 data-lines on the BASIC Stamp 1 so it should be enough if you connect it to the display in 4-bit mode.

Edit: You'll have to use something with more memory.. The BASIC Stamp 1 can only store 256 bytes of programs.
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