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Boot Screen Editor Public Beta


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No the boot software does not work with parallel LCD's they do not have the EEPROMS to save the boot screens

yes it is totaly worth getting the USB ones there is more software that works with them and they are also infinetly easier to hook up (only 1 wire as opposed to like 12 wires hooked up ghetto as hell to your parallel port)
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Actually, it already is available via a different set of steps. You have to do a search for it (I don't have time now, or I'd do the search). The bottom line is (and going on memory here) is to use the 631 win test software, display what you want on the screen, then go to the send command (or packet or whatever) and you send the "use this screen as boot message" command.

If no one else posts the exact steps, or if you don't find it before I get back here to the forums, I'll search and post again. Look for 631 win test messages as well as boot screen messages.



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I just got the software and configured a boot screen to my liking... but it doesn't show at all on the LCD. Not even a quick flash... I think I have all the settings correct and clicked the save to EEPROM but it doesn't have an effect. It's a USB 634 display using virtual com port 3.


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boot screen problem


I can write to the display when plugged into the serial port, but i cant seem to save to EEPROM - i still get the crystalfontz boot screen.

Im using SKD204-634 display V2.2, with windows 98, com port 1, 9600 baud.

Another minor point, 9600 baud is the only rate at which this software would work, i did ensure the display switches were correct as was the baud rate on the software - but only 9K6 works.

Any ideas??

I notice on previous replys of boot screen problem you mention it being an error with CC - what is CC ?

many thanks

Chris F

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Well, I was referred to this post and the same question is posted with no answer.

I installed the boot screen editor and made my screen, saved it and Clicked Store all settings to EEPROM. even tried to do the Test (Soft Reboot) it says tested but when I boot back up it still shows the CF Boot screen.


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I had the same problem. I had to uncheck the "**Auto-Update Display**" option under the backlight control before I could save my boot screen. :rolleyes:


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grab the wintest 635 program from the software page.. under the command list ( i tihnk the command debbuger) is a command to set the current state as the boot state
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Thanks - that got it.

Set-up screen
Packet Debugger
Option 4
Send Packet

Many thanks.

Now all we need is the ability to create custom graphics on the startup screen :)