Boot Screen Editor Problem


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When I attempt to run the boot screen editor I get a messages that states
"Failed to load MSCOMM" mscom32.ocx mayb be out of date.

Can someone explain what this means and what I need to do??

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MSComm.ocx is the control that allows the serial port to be used in Visual Basic and a couple other programming languages.

In order to fix this, you need to get a updated copy of the control.

Surf around Microsoft's webpage. I'm not exactly certain where you can obtain this control.

It's protected by copyright laws, so I can't just attach it for you; otherwise I would.

I don't know of where to get ahold of it exactly.

You might want to do a search on your computer and see if you have it already, if you do it might be out of date version, OR not properly registered. Do a search and get back to me.

Search for:


and see if you find it.
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